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Fair Oaks 10-07-2017

Official results from Fair Oaks 10-07-2017 click here

Phil Groenewold, from Dyer, IN won with 1,666 pounds



Wasson Nursery 2017: 

Official results from Wasson Nursery in Fishers, IN: click here

Mikkal Hodge 1,266.5 at Wasson Nursery, Fishers Indiana

Mikkal Hodge 1,266.5 at Wasson Nursery, Fishers Indiana

Kelly Klinker’s son Kenny – Voted cutest little pumpkin! Wasson Nursery 2017

2017 Indiana State Fair results 08-12-2017

Official results from Indiana State Fair 2017: click here

How to move and inspect a large pumpkin (video from the 2017 Indiana State Fair)


Link to pumpkin carving at the 2017 Indiana State Fair

Dick Wolfsie interviews Lee Saberson – two parts


Just looking for seeds???  $20 per year to join our club.

We’ll send you great seeds to get you started.

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Great Pumpkin Commonwealth – governing body for giant pumpkins

2017 Insect and disease control program and club bulk orders

Click here:  (We’ll help you keep your plants alive!)

All Time Top Ten Giant Pumpkin list

(maintained by IPGA  09/21/2017 updated)


Indiana record pumpkin – 1739 lbs  Mark Goodman from Marion, IN

Indiana Top-Ten Giant Pumpkins list

Fair Oaks Weigh-off 2016

IPGA links

Miscellaneous pictures from past weigh-offs

All Indiana State fruit records

Comprehensive guide to growing Atlantic Giant Pumpkins

World Record Atlantic Giant pumpkin: 2,624.6 lbs

Origin of Dills Atlantic Giant pumpkins by Steve Connolly

Pumpkin seed genetics and statistics

Big Pumpkins message board: Pests, diseases and other problems

Our old website:  www.ipga.us